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    Classically trained in Ballet,
    Tap, Jazz and Modern Dance

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    "Boutique" style training with limited class size gives you personalized attention in your studio experience...



Our BarreAmped, BUTI Yoga, UGI Fitness, and CORE Rhythm Methods Transform YOU and deliver Results!



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Welcome to Serenite’ Fitness, Mt. Juliet’s premier BarreAmped and Core Fitness studio, featuring the internationally acclaimed and results oriented BarreAmped , BUTI Yoga and CORE Rhythm Methods! We are conveniently located in the heart of the Mt. Juliet shopping area, just across from the Providence Market Place (In the previous Core Pilates space).


Our team of certified instructors are trained with hours of required apprenticeship, pre and post certification,  in our featured methods, providing you with the best in tactile corrections and concise cueing based on your specific needs. Each client will receive a professional, yet highly personal session in each and every class, be it in a group, semi-private, or private setting. Our “Boutique Studio” approach to instruction will guide you through a truly individual experience based on your own personal fitness goals, resulting in the most rewarding workout you could ever gift to yourself. You will see results from your dedication and hard work…FAST!

Please visit us today to begin your journey to health and vitality, or introduce a challenging yet energizing component to your existing fitness routine. We are located in the Core Pilates Studio in the Adams Lane Retail Center, 151 Adams Lane, Suite 8, Mt, Juliet, TN. Or call us to discuss how to immediately start an active life style in BarreAmped; 615-870-4066. We cannot wait to meet you!


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Your Instructor Team! Karen, Sammi, Ainsley, Kara, Caroline and Laurie...come get your BarreSwag ON!


Benefits of Barre!  Regular Practice (3-5 times per week) can increase muscle density, decrease body fat, improve flexibility and posture, and REV up your metabolism. Our 45-90 minute classes are a blend of strength training with your own body weight or light hand weights, interval cardio and lots of stretching. The ballet inspired workout focuses on incredibly efficient, tiny movements working to exhaustion in specific muscle group progressions. Take an average sit-up; there is about a 1 inch range of motion that makes up the most challenging and beneficial part of that exercise....we like to call it the "sweet" spot. In a barre class, you will spend minutes holding and working with tiny pulses in that spot until your muscles not only burn, but also shake with fatigue. Each muscle group is stretched immmediately after it is worked which promotes longer, leaner muscles and better recovery. Don't be fooled by it's ballet, roots. Even though it looks graceful, it's anything but effortless....Are you ready to burn up the barre?

UGI FITNESS...Come on try it!!